Miguel is amazing. Definitely recommend. He’s very good at assessing individual learning needs, work on the weaknesses and improve the strength and personalising his teaching methods


I’ve had a couple of lesson with Miguel to date an plan on having more. I had no experience in Spanish aside from a few apps, but Miguel’s lessons have taught me a lot more in a short space of time than any app has I fully recommend him, his lessons have been well structured and interactive. I feel a lot more confident in the Spanish I have learnt so far and feel my reading and pronunciation is progressing well too


Miguel is a great tutor and puts people at ease. He is very friendly and is a really good tutor. He make it very easy to learn, I’ve been having lessons for a few months and am coming on well


Miguel is an enthusiastic, engaging and proactive teacher. He has instilled me with a confidence to help progress in my Spanish studies


I have had Spanish lessons in the past and never really felt like I had achieved much. However, I really enjoyed my lesson with Miguel who was very encouraging.


First lesson with Miguel, very friendly! Shows interest in his student and his teaching. Brilliant start.


Miguel has been great, he is attentive to the student’s needs and is an enthusiastic teacher


Excellent lessons at the pace I needed with a great flexibility and homework tailored for your purpose. He always wants feedback on how to improve classes and your experience


Great teacher with a great approach


Miguel is a great Spanish tutor. He is highly professional and knowledgeable. I can confirm this as I am Spanish myself, and he is achieving what it has been impossible for me, to teach my both 6 and 12 year old children. I am also highly impressed that he has been able to accommodate the lessons for both, making them enjoyable, using their interests and current level


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”


Let’s get started.

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